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Jonathan Anderson discovers seconds before a terrorist event that the target is his Federal building where he works. The blast topples the building killing his son, Matthew, who was in the building's daycare facility.

Jonathan's wife, Mary, is one of the people involved in the crime. She has good reasons. However, the event did not go as planned. Her family was supposed to have been away from the building. Mary never intended to kill her child and now that her son is dead, she begins questioning the whole event.

Blinded with the need for vengeance for his son, Jonathan decides to use his profound skills to solve the crime. Consumed with guilt, Mary's main motivation is to find the person who should have made sure her family was away from the building before the explosion. As they both dig through the rubble, Jonathan remains blind to his wife's involvement. Together they discover a masterful plot to displace the Democratic Government through a major terrorist event. Only Jonathan and Mary can stop it, unknowingly they may also be part of it.

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"I wasn't sure about Perspectives when I first received it, but the moment I turned the first page there was no longer any doubt. The author really has crafted this book well. Each page draws you further into the story and leaves you wanting more. The suspense, action, and mystery in the book makes it a real page turner. I was blown away, and in the end it left me wondering who I would cast for the movie roles.
— Reese C.

"I had my doubts when Jeff went into Suspense Thrillers. Sure he could write anecdotes and funny stories, but the Suspense Thriller, come on. But was I ever surprised by Perspectives. I couldn't put it down and it will stand easily against any of Ludlum's works, in fact, I think it may be better. I can't wait for the sequel."
— Ken C.

"Perspectives is one of the best suspense thrillers I have ever read. It is a combination of Robert Ludlum and William Patterson. Whenever Jeff asks me for technical advice, I always respond immediately, wanting to be part of something great.
— John K.


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